Panther Gecko (Pareodura pictus) Baby

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Paroedura pictus

DESCRIPTION: We have some beautiful panther gecko big babies for sale. These are born and raised here. We have a few different color varieties so make sure you check them out too. A perfect and hardy gecko species. Great Starter Gecko Direct from the Breeder! *These babies are around 2 1/2 inches. They are not sexed.


DIET: Variety of insects. These babies are eating small mealworms and fly to 1/4 sized crickets.

HABITAT: 10 - 20 gallon aquarium or similar cage with 2 hides - one warm (80 - 85F) and one cool (room temperature). Heat pad under warm side. Coco fiber or cypress mulch for substrate, and branches for climbing and hiding. Put damp moss in hide for shedding problems. Add shallow water dish for drinking, though they like to lick water droplets after misting.

ORIGIN: Madagascar