Tegus for sale

  • Colombian Black and White Tegu

    Colombian Black and White Tegu

    Scientific Name: Tupinambis teguixin Description: We have some gorgeous black and white tegus for sale. These Tegus are the Colombian variety. A very hardy lizard that can grow very large. These particular babies are feeding on...

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  • Paraguayan Red Tegu (Salvatore rufescens)

    Paraguayan Red Tegu (Salvatore rufescens)

    Scientific Name: Tupinambis rufescens Description: We CB Baby Red Tegus for sale. They have really nice coloration. Maximum Adult Size: Up to 40" Diet: rodents, boiled eggs. Red tegus eat more fruit and other plant matter than most types of tegus. ...

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  • Gold Tegu

    Gold Tegu

    Scientific Name: Tupinambis t. teguixin Maximum Adult Size: Up to 40" Diet: Insects, rodents, boiled eggs. Some tegus may take some fruit or other plant matter. Habitat: Large, sturdy cage with branches, logs, or flat rocks for climbing on and hiding...

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