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  • Asian Forest Scorpion

    Asian Forest Scorpion

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: (Heterometrus spinifer) DESCRIPTION: MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: 4-5" DIET: Insects HABITAT: 2 1/2 to 10-gallon tank Substrate 3 to 4 inches potting soil, vermiculite, or peat moss kept moist. ORIGIN: Asian tropical rainforests, from India...

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  • Emperor Scorpion

    Emperor Scorpion

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pandinus imperator DESCRIPTION: MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: 4.5 - 6" DIET: Insects HABITAT: Small aquarium with sand, peat moss, coco fiber, or cypress mulch for substrate. Rocks or cork bark for hiding. Water bowl. Temps of 75 - 85 and...

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