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Chameleons for sale

  • Ambanja Panther Chameleon (Fucifer pardalis)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME:Furcifer pardalis DESCRIPTION: We have captive bred JUVENILE Ambanja Panther Chameleon for sale. Panther Chameleons are one of the most colorful chameleons in the world. They're a very hardy chameleon. They're feeding on Superworms and...

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  • Carpet Chameleon (Fucifer lateralis)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Furcifer lateralis DESCRIPTION: We have a handful of beautiful carpet chameleons for sale. These are one of the most colorful of all chameleon species. Both males and females are colorful, but unlike many other chameleon species the...

  • Flap Neck Chameleon (Chamaeleo dilepis)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chamaeleo dilepis DESCRIPTION: We have some really nice Flap Neck Chameleons for sale. These are juveniles around 6 to 9 inches in length. These are one of the most widespread chameleons in Africa. These were collected in Tanzania,...

  • Horned Pygmy Chameleon (Rare)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brookesia superciliaris DESCRIPTION: A true master of disguise this chameleon resembles a rolled up, dead leaf. It can range in color from beige, brown, grey, olive and even red. MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Up to 4" DIET: Variety of...

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    Jackson's Chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chamaeleo (Trioceros) jacksonii DESCRIPTION: We have a handful of beautiful Jackson's Chameleons for sale. These are montane chameleons and require a cooler tropical climate. Their ideal cage temp should be 75 to 80 degrees. Jackson's...

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  • Oustalet's Chameleon (Fucifer oustaleti)

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Furcifer (Chamaeleo) oustaleti MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: 18 - 23" DIET: Variety of appropriately sized insects. HABITAT: Provide a large, screened cage with live plants, plus UVB light and basking light (unless unfiltered sunlight is...

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  • Pygmy Chameleon

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rieppeleon brevicaudatus DESCRIPTION: We have some beautiful Pygmy Chameleons for sale. Pygmy Chameleons are from Tanzania in Africa. They are a very small chameleon and do well in groups. Chameleons are one of the most unique...

  • Temporalis Pygmy Chameleon

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rhampholeon temporalis DESCRIPTION: These are a type of pygmy chameleon found in Tanzania in Africa. MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: 2 1/2 to 3 inches DIET: Small Live Insects. Crickets HABITAT: They should be kept in a...