Colombian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates maurus)

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Epicrates cenchria maurus

DESCRIPTION: We have several CB Baby Colombian Rainbow Boas for sale. . They are well started and feeding on fuzzy mice. They get deep red/brownish color with an iridescent glow in their bodies. Colombian Rainbow Boas are a live bearing species. Colombian Rainbow boas are one of our most popular sellers and are a very affordable snake.

Available sizes are as follows:

Baby: 15 to 18 inches

Juvenile: 20 to 24 inches

Sub Adult: 30 to 36 inches

Adult: 48 to 54 inches

MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Average Adult Size is 4+ Feet

DIET: Appropriately sized rodents.

HABITAT: Provide a spacious enclosure with climbing branches and a substrate of aspen or wood mulch bedding at least 2” deep. A small heavy bowl of fresh water and a shelter with damp spagnum moss is recommended. We suggest an under tank heater at one end of the enclosure with a hot spot of 90F for your heat source.

ORIGIN: Northern South America