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Live Animal Shipping Costs. Only $39.99!

Live Animal and Supply Shipping

Live Animal & Enclosure Orders

ReptMart cares about the health of your animals. Because supplies are shipped ground while animals are shipped overnight, we want to make sure that your animal does not arrive before your enclosure arrives and is set up. If you do not have temporary housing plans for your new animal, please notify us by e-mail or telephone so that we will hold your animal until your enclosure arrives.

If you choose to have us hold your animal until your enclosure arrives, you must notify us by telephone or e-mail that you are ready to have us ship your animal.

Live Animal Shipping Information

We take great care when shipping our reptile and amphibian orders and the process is very safe. All of our shipments are carefully packed and we have an excellent track record with these shipments.

All our live animal orders are shipped using FedEx overnight shipping. The shipping provider choice is selected at check out.   We ship Monday-Thursday for Tuesday-Friday delivery.  In many areas, this shipping method guarantees delivery by 10:30am. However, some areas have a guaranteed delivery times of 12:00 noon or by the end of the day.

Temperatures and delivery times will be monitored closely by our staff.  If we feel it is unsafe to ship your animal, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to set up alternate plans. All live animals are carefully packed in high quality Styrofoam lined boxes, which protect the animals from extreme external temperatures. To further protect the animals during shipping, we utilize heat packs or cool packs to help maintain appropriate temperature inside the shipping box. If we feel that it is unsafe to ship your animal for any reason, we reserve the right to hold your package until we feel it is safe. If you are unable to wait, we will issue you a full refund for your order. 

Shipping charges are $39.00 for all live animal orders (excluding feeders) regardless of the quantity of animals purchased. Provided all of our Terms & Conditions are followed, we provide a health and live arrival guarantee on all of our animal shipments (please see our Terms & Conditions page for complete details). Rest assured that every effort will be made for the well being of the animals.

Product Shipping Information

Our product and supply orders are normally shipped using FedEx ground unless other shipping methods are selected by the purchaser. All in-stock purchases will be shipped out within 1-2 business days.  In the event that a purchase includes any backordered products, you will be notified and your product will either be shipped immediately after restocking or we will work with you to find another product that will match your needs. Products are shipped Monday-Friday. Shipping costs are dependent on your order and are calculated at checkout. We pack all our products very carefully to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.  If there is any damage, please save the product and contact us immediately.  See our returns policy for information on returning products if needed.

We only ship live animals within the United States, excluding Hawaii. Dry good products can be shipped throughout the entire United States.