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Rufescens x Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale

Rufescens x Kenyan Sand Boa Snake

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Rufescens x Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gongylophis (Eryx) colubrinus ssp.

DESCRIPTION: We have a great selection of various Sand Boas for sale. We breed many vibrantly colored variations of Sand Boas here at our facility. At Reptmart we take great pride in the sand boas we produce  as they are one of our focus animals here. Sand Boas are beautiful and a very low maintenance snake. These are Great Beginner Snake. We normally have 4 sizes available in all color morphs. 

Available sizes are as follows:

Baby: 6 to 8 inches

Juvenile: 8 to 12 inches

Sub Adult: 12 to 24 inches (Males Slightly Smaller)

Adult: 24 to 36 inches (Males Slightly Smaller)

MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Average 1.5 - 3'

DIET: Babies eat pinky mice. Juveniles eat fuzzy mice. Sub Adults eat small mice. Adults eat small to large mice. Frozen Rodents are available in our Frozen Feeder Section.

HABITAT: Provide a reptile approved substrate of Aspen or Reptisand at least 2” deep - they are burrowers. A small, heavy bowl of fresh water and shelter, such as a hollow log or concave rock or plastic “cave” are the three essential pieces of cage furniture. The ambient cage temperature should be 80 to 85F. A hot spot of 90 to 95F should be provided at one end.

ORIGIN: Somolia & Ethiopia

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Rufescens x Kenyan Sand Boa For Sale