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Asian Water Monitor For Sale

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Asian Water Monitor For Sale

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Varanus salvator

DESCRIPTION: We have a handful of beautiful captive bred water monitor babies for sale. Water Monitors are one of the largest lizards available on the market. Before purchasing please make sure you are capable of caring for a monitor that in captivity will easily grow to 6ft. in length and even larger. These are beautiful monitors and to do well must be setup properly. The current monitors we have now are around 15 inches total length. These are not sexable at this size.

MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Capable of growing up to 6.5 ft.

Appropriately sized rodents and various insects as babies.

HABITAT: Water monitors babies require a 20 long or longer terrarium well planted with various sturdy branches they can climb and bask on. Water monitors need proper UVA/UVB lighting along with a proper heat source. We recommend their basking spot to be around 115 degrees with and ambient cage temperature of 85.  You can obtain the proper basking temperature by adjusting the height of the heat source. A large water dish is a must, not only so they can drink , but also so they can soak themselves. We also recommend a reptile approved substrate such as Reptibark.

ORIGIN: Asia and Indonesia

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Asian Water Monitor For Sale