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Sticky Tongue Farms has been involved in the breeding and raising of old world chameleons since 1993. Both Miner-All and Vit-All were developed out of necessity for our breeding farm, when supplements on the market did not give the results we wanted in our breeding projects. Our captive bred chameleons lacked the strong bones, skin texture, size and coloration of their wild caught counterparts. During this time, hundreds of private breeders and zoological parks using our products on a wide assortment of insectivorous and herbivorous species have reported back with superior results. Using Miner-All and Vit-All as instructed together provide complete dietary requirements for ALL reptiles and amphibians.

MINER-ALL Indoor with d-3 (6 oz.)

Minerall Indoor with D3

MINER-ALL Indoor with d-3 for ALL insect eating reptiles and amphibians 6oz

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