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In 1953 Richard Fluker founded Fluker's Cricket Farm, Inc. in southern Louisiana to supply crickets to local bait shops for the purpose of fishing. Today, fifty years later, Fluker Farms has expanded to become the leader in live cricket production in the country.

Fluker Farms has been breeding feeder insects for over 50 years, and breeding reptiles for over a decade. We have used our breeding experience to give us the insight to produce quality, cutting-edge products for the beginner and the most advanced reptile enthusiast.

In the late 1980's, David Fluker realized a demand, by his customers, to offer additional live insects. The project started modestly in a 500 square foot building. Many hours were spent striving to produce the healthiest and hardiest mealworm on the market.

Fluker's Large Dripper

Fluker's Large Dripper (1 Gallon)

Excellent drip system for all tropical reptiles.

Price: $15.99