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Tegus for Sale

     We have awesome Tegus for sale online at Reptmart. Our Tegus are born here, and are thriving upon shipping. Blues, Reds, Black and Whites, Goldens, its so hard to choose a color! 
Our favorite are Red Tegus for sale as they are big, red beautiful lizards. 
Tegus are omnivores meaning they eat both plant and insects or rodents. We feed a 80% animal diet, and 20% fruit diet. 
Tegus are amazing medium sized lizards that make great pets. When searching for a Tegu for sale, keep in mind ours are the best! 

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Item #

Regular Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $179.99

Colombian Black and White Tegu

Colombian Black and White Tegu

Item #lz3157210

Price: $69.99

Paraguayan  Red Tegu

Paraguayan Red Tegu

Item #lz3157212

Price: $249.99