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Agamas for Sale 

     Thanks for stopping by and checking out our amazing Agamas for sale. Agama Lizards are a huge family of lizards that are as diverse as they come. From tops of mountains, to deep rainforests, Agamas can be found in pretty mucheverywhere on earth but Antartica!
Agamas for sale are all healthy, top notch, and our selection is great. 
Agamas are mainly insectivores, eating bugs, while some species may eat some vegetables. 
     One of our favorite Agamas are Red Head Agamas. These are one of the more colorful lizards you can buy online, and are a smaller sized lizard. The males have amazing bright red heads, and get a beautiful blue or purple colored body.Its amazing to see them get prettier and prettier the warmer they get after basking! 
     Another great Agama we offer online is the Toad Head Agama. Toad Head Agamas are incredible desert species that has extra skin on their mouth. When they are scared they open their mouth and the flap acts to increase size of their open mouth to look like predator aliens or the dinosaur from Jurassic park that spits venom! Incredible animals! Hope you enjoy our selection, we are adding new ones continuously. 

Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon

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