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Rat Snakes for Sale

Looking to buy a Rat Snake? Look no further! We have the largest selection of Rat Snakes for sale. All our Rat Snakes online are captive bred, and breeder direct! 
There is such an array of different species and colors to choose from. Rat Snakes are docile, medium sized snakes that many people started off with as beginner snakes after finding them in their yard. Nostalgic a bit? Now they come in dozens of different colors! 

One of out favorite Rat Snakes available for sale is the "calico"Black Rat Snake. Formerly known as the cow sucker, due to being found in cow barns. Farmers used to think the snakes were stealing the milk, so they named them cow suckers. Calicos are a form of that snake that has cool spots and patterns. The snakes were in the barn because it was warm and there was plenty of rats to eat! 

Albino black rat snake Snake

Albino Black Rat Snake

Item #sn3157453

Price: $59.99

Albino Blotchless Rat Snake

Albino Blotchless Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156975

Price: $59.99

Albino Japanese Rat Snake

Albino Japanese Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156968

Price: $249.99

Albino Texas Rat Snake

Albino Texas Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156972

Price: $49.99

Bamboo Rat Snake 1

Bamboo Rat Snake (Broad Banded Mountain)

Item #sn3157691-2

Price: $350.00

Bamboo Rate Snake (Yunnan Mountain)

Bamboo Rat Snake (Yunnan Mountain)

Item #

Price: $199.99

Emoryi Rat Snake

Emoryi Rat Snake

Item #sn3156977

Price: $49.99

Everglades Rat Snake

Everglades Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156978

Price: $39.99

Gulf Hammock Rat Snake

Gulf Hammock Rat Snake

Item #sn3157465

Price: $39.99

Japanese Rat Snake

Japanese Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156980

Price: $79.99

Russian Rat Snake

Russian Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156990

Price: $99.99

Rusty Rat Snake

Rusty Rat Snake

Item #sn3157697

Price: $34.99

Texas Rat Snake

Texas Rat Snake (Baby)

Item #sn3156993

Price: $39.99