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King Snakes for sale 

We are the King Snake capitol! Dozens of varieties of King Snakes available for sale. 
California King Snakes are the most popular by far and come in dozens of different colors and patterns. There are plenty more King Snakes to choose from when you are shopping for one!

Most King Snakes average about 4ft long, and are one of the most docile and popular pet snakes in the world. Super easy to care for and they do not require a huge enclosure, although bigger is always better! 

We feed all our King Snakes for sale apropriatley sized mice about as thick as the thickest part of their body. When you buy a King Snake from us, it will be captive bred, thriving and come with live arrival guarantee! 

Brooksi X Goini (Red) King Snake

Brooksi X Goini King Snake (Red Fire)

Item #sn3157030-r

Price: $89.99

Firecracker King Snake

Firecracker King

Item #sn3157030F

Price: $99.99

Striped Goini Kingsnake

Striped Goini Kingsnake

Item #sn3158701

Price: $59.99